Monday, April 01, 2013

March Screening Log

Color coded via Dan Sallitt's method (Current or upcoming releases not included).  Link included when discussed at some length.

1. The Brothers Rico (Phil Karlson, USA, 1957) (Letterboxd)
2. The Night (Mohammad Malas, Syria, 1992) 
3. Two or Three Things I Know About Her (Jean-Luc Godard, France, 1967) (Letterboxd)
4. (nostalgia) (Hollis Frampton, USA, 1971) 
5. The Driver (Walter Hill, USA, 1978) (Blog Post)
6. The Three Musketeers (Paul W.S. Anderson, USA, 2011)
7. The Whole Town's Talking (John Ford, USA, 1935) 
8. Crank: High Voltage (Neveldine/Taylor, USA, 2009)
9. Ashes and Diamonds (Andrzej Wajda, Poland, 1956) 
10. My Name is Julia Ross (Joseph H. Lewis, USA, 1945) 

Also Notable: Resident Evil: Retribution (Paul W.S. Anderson, USA, 2012), Tout Va Bien (Jean-Luc Godard, France/Sweden, 1972), Universal Soldier: Regeneration (John Hyams, USA, 2010), Heartbeats (Xavier Dolan, Canada, 2011), Le Bonheur (Agnes Varda, France, 1965), Gamer (Neveldine/Taylor, USA, 2009), The Ninth Configuration (William Peter Blatty, USA, 1980) Chronicle of a Disappearance (Elia Suleiman, Palestine, 1996)

Mentioned for Reference (The Far Side of Paradise?): Wichita (Jacques Tourneur, USA, 1957), Liebelei (Max Ophuls, Germany, 1932), Bachelor Flat (Frank Tashlin, USA, 1962) (Letterboxd), Le Pont Du Nord (Jacques Rivette, France, 1982) (Letterboxd), Short Cuts (Robert Altman, USA, 1993), The Silences of the Palace (Moufida Tlatli, Tunisia, 1994).

Revisited List (Aka The "/s")
1. Miami Vice (Michael Mann, USA, 2006) (Letterboxd)
2. Blow-Up (Michelangelo Antonioni, UK/Italy, 1966)
3. Ishtar (Elaine May, USA, 1987)
4. The Thin Red Line (Terence Malick, USA, 1998) (Blog Post)
5. Johnny Guitar (Nicolas Ray, USA, 1954)
6. Deja Vu (Tony Scott, USA, 2006) (Letterboxd)
7. The Killing (Stanley Kubrick, USA, 1956) (Letterboxd)
8. Looper (Rian Johnson, USA, 2012) (Letterboxd)
9. The Royal Tenanbaums (Wes Anderson, USA, 2001)

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