Tuesday, April 30, 2013

April Screening Log

Color coded via Dan Sallitt's method (Current or upcoming releases not included).  Link included when discussed at some length.
  1. How Green Was My Valley (Ford, USA, 1941) (Letterboxd)
  2. Seconds (Frankenheimer, USA, 1966) (Letterboxd)
  3. Fury (Lang, USA, 1936)
  4. Safe (Haynes, USA, 1995) (Letterboxd)
  5. Clando (Téno, Cameroon, 1996) (Letterboxd)
  6. Cold Water (Assayas, France, 1994) (Letterboxd)
  7. 24 City (Jia, China, 2008)
  8. Black Girl (Senembe, Senegal, 1966)
  9. Voyage to Italy (Rossellini, Italy, 1954)
  10. To Be Or Not To Be (Lubistch, USA, 1942) (Letterboxd)
Also Notable: Borom Sarret (Senembe, Sengel, 1963), Keita (Kouyaté, Burkina Faso, 1995), Magnificent Obsession (Sirk, USA, 1954) (Letterboxd), Yo Yo (Etaix, France, 1965) (Letterboxd), Adanggaman (M’Bala, Burkina Faso, 2000) (Letterboxd)Un Flic (Melville, France, 1972) (Letterboxd)Waiting for Happiness (Sissako, Mauritania, 2002) (Letterboxd)

Revisited List (Aka The "/s")
  1. Le Cercle Rouge (Melville, France, 1970)
  2. The Man With A Movie Camera (Vertov, USSR, 1929) (Letterboxd)
  3. The New World (Malick, USA, 2005) (Letterboxd)
  4. Saving Private Ryan (Spielberg, USA, 1998) (Blog Post)
  5. Crank: High Voltage (Neveldine/Talor, USA, 2009)


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