Sunday, September 01, 2013

August Screening Log

Color coded via Dan Sallitt's method (Current or upcoming releases not included). Click on the titles to writing when applicable.
  1. The Enigma of Kaspar Hauser (Herzog, Germany, 1974)
  2. Coogan’s Bluff (Seigel, USA, 1968)
  3. Opening Night (Cassavetes, USA, 1977)
  4. Repo Man (Cox, USA, 1984)
  5. The Bottom of the Bottle (Hathaway, USA, 1956)
  6. The Man From London (Tarr, Hungary/France, 2008)
  7. Little Murders (Arkin, USA, 1971)
  8. 3 Women (Altman, USA, 1977)
  9. Trouble Every Day (Denis, France 2001)
  10. A Woman Is a Woman (Godard, France, 1961)
Also Notable (No order besides color categorization): Love Is Colder Than Death (Fassbinder, Germany, 1969), The Boston Strangler (Fliescher, USA, 1968), Native Land (Hurwitz and Stand, USA, 1942), Good Morning, Taipei (Hsing, Taiwan, 1979),  It Conquered the World (Corman, USA, 1956), The Unknown (Browning, USA, 1927), The Hour of the Furnaces (Satanlo, Argentina, 1968), Lucky Jo (Deville, France, 1964), The American Soldier (Fassbinder, Germany, 1970), Faster Pussycat! Kill Kill! (Russ Meyer, USA, 1965), A King In New York (Chaplin, USA, 1957), As Tears Go By (Wong, Hong Kong, 1988), The Hunger (Scott, UK, 1983)

Rewatches: Moonrise Kingdom (Anderson, USA, 2012), Intolerance (Griffith, USA, 1916), Ikiru (Kurosawa, Japan, 1952).

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