Friday, January 18, 2013

Updates from the Land of Film and Television

A recap of recent work...

Sleepless Night, a very small and intimate South Korean drama I saw as part of the Museum of the Moving Image's First Look series, is a genuine, honest, and moving portrait of a young marriage. It's sure to be near the top of my 2013 film list, that is, if it gets a release. I wrote about it in the hopes that it can get a distributor.

I don't know why I was curious about the Mark Wahlberg neo-noir thriller Broken City, but then I learned that Allen Hughes of the Hughes Brothers was directing. Too bad it seems nobody bothered to show up. I reviewed this travesty over at In Review Online.

I have a really weird obsession with watching NBC's Smash. Don't ask me why, but I find it fascinating to watch and tweet-mock a show with friends. Anyways, I did a piece over at Indiewire talking about the ways it will change in the next season with a new showrunner.

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