Tuesday, August 10, 2010

'Enter the Void' Plans on Giving Acid Trip without Health Costs

            Fans of shock cinema can start getting excited today as IFC Films released the trailer for Gasper Noe’s latest, Enter the Void. The film, which originally played in Cannes 2009 (though has been edited slightly since then), is a highly ambitious film in the cinematic front, and wildly ethereal. The film follows a boy named Oscar for forty minutes, all shot from his point of view (including a drug hallucination) until he is shot during a drug deal gone wrong in Tokyo. But then we follow his soul, traversing through buildings and memories, friends and enemies, and what culminates to be a little violence and a lot of gratuitous sex.
            Having seen the final cut, I don’t want to give a full review here, though I will say that the cinematic achievement can’t really match the thematic grounding for the film. Noe is always pushing boundaries—many cannot forget the nine minute rape sequence in Irreversible—and this film certainly asks a lot from its viewers, and some will find it rewarding, while others will dismiss the film. If you are looking for something trippy though, Noe will certainly put you in good company.

            Judge for yourself below, as well as the film’s extremely intense and ridiculous credit sequence:

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